FAQ for AspectCart

  1. What is AspectCart? AspectCart is a software platform designed for e-commerce and online store management. It serves as a tool to create advanced online stores without the need for programming languages or complex settings.
  2. What sets AspectCart apart from other e-commerce platforms? AspectCart is designed to streamline the creation of advanced e-commerce websites. It offers innovative artificial intelligence features and a wide range of automation tools to help you create functional and attractive online stores with ease.
  3. How can I contact AspectCart's customer support? You can reach our customer support team through the "Contact Us" section on our website. We are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.
  4. Is it possible to change the appearance of my online store? Yes, you can customize the appearance of your online store using AspectCart's AspectDraw Editor and the components library. You can choose from various themes and tailor them to match your preferences.
  5. Does AspectCart support products with variations (color, size, etc.)? Absolutely. AspectCart offers automated ways to create product variations and combinations, making it quick and easy to manage a wide range of product options.
  6. Are all payment methods supported by AspectCart? Yes, AspectCart supports a wide range of payment methods through popular international payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal.
  7. Does AspectCart support multiple courier companies for shipping? Yes, AspectCart allows you to integrate multiple courier companies, each with its own pricing and package dimension data. Shipping costs for each company are calculated in real-time in the shopping cart, allowing your customers to choose their preferred courier service.
  8. Is data entry complicated with AspectCart? Not at all. AspectCart is designed to simplify data entry for products. You can update product details, prices, and quantities directly from the admin panel, making it a straightforward process.
  9. How long does it take to set up a store with AspectCart? Most stores can be set up in just a few minutes. AspectCart follows e-commerce best practices and automates many aspects of store setup, eliminating the need for lengthy setup procedures.
  10. Can I import product information from my supplier's website? Yes, you can easily import product information from your supplier's website with just a single click. AspectCart is designed to make it convenient for you to populate your store with product details.
  11. How can I check my sales in AspectCart You can monitor your sales through the AspectCart control panel. You will find detailed reports on orders, revenue, and sales trends that allow you to track the performance of your store.
  12. Will AspectCart introduce additional features in the future? Yes, we plan to continuously enhance AspectCart by adding new features and capabilities to keep up with the evolving e-commerce landscape. Our goal is to provide you with a powerful and up-to-date e-commerce solution.
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